Kenny Of The Celtic

Kenny Of The Celtic

We pride ourselves on the quality of guests here on Celtic Underground and of late we’ve been to Australia and back with the world of Sport and Japan and back with music, but sometimes great guests can be found on your doorstep and this week we speak to someone of this Parish to discuss Celtic…our very own St Anthony and if you’re a fan of Celtic books you’ll know him as author of Kenny of The Celtic Mr Stephen Murray.
Stephen and I start by having a brief review of our final Champions League game of this season, the 1-1 draw with Man City, before moving on to the meat and bones of the podcast which is his latest book on Kenny Dalglish.  Stephen gives us some idea of what we may come across in the book before discussing the perfect Celtic team of the Kenny years and the “what could have been team” of the 10 years after he left. After that trip down memory lane we then fast forward to the Rodgers Revolution and discuss just how enjoyable times are.


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