Rangers Cheated.


From 1997 until they went bust, Rangers defrauded the Scottish game and stole trophies.


Of course this has been a fact for some time with the admission over the “wee tax case”. The details of their fraud confirmed during the Craig Whyte trial when, under oath, former directors and people currently within the game confirmed that steps were taken to hide details of their outstanding debts to HMRC from Scottish football. This was deliberate in order to win games and obtain a European license as they knew without this their business was trading insolvently.


Today a final decision was made in the Big Tax Case. It was to reaffirm previous decisions that the Rangers use of EBTs was illegal.


Rangers cheated.


Rangers cheated the whole of Scottish football and they did it deliberately and intentionally.


The confirmation of cheating and the defrauding of Scottish football raises clear and immediate questions that require firm and decisive action from the authorities;


  • There are directors of the business that committed this fraud who are now directors of a new Scottish club. They cannot be classed as fit and proper. Will they be booted out from our game?


  • There are people involved in the fraudulent actions of Rangers Football Club (in liquidation) who are now in positions of authority within the SFA. Will they be forced to resign?


  • With the wee tax case, Rangers cheated between 1997 and 2011. Will all trophies won by them be declared null & void?


  • Doncaster and Regan have repeatedly acted against the best interests of Scottish football supporters and in favour of fraudsters. Will they resign?


  • One for non-football authorities. Lester Piggott was striped of his OBE for tax evasion. Will we be stripping knighthoods?


  • If Rangers gave drugs to players earning £5,000 a week and they played like guys earning £10k – £15k a week there would be no question, titles would be stripped so why when they could only afford players at £5k but through illegal means paid guys £15k a week is this not automatic?


  • When other nations has stripped bigger clubs for cheating (, why can’t we?


With the Wee Tax Case predating the big Tax Case, this should be the title honours list this century in Scotland should be;


2000-01 Celtic

2001-02 Celtic

2002-03 *

2003-04 Celtic

2004-05 *

2005-06 Celtic

2006-07 Celtic

2007-08 Celtic

2008-09 *

2009-10 *

2010-11 *

2011-12 Celtic

2012-13 Celtic

2013-14 Celtic

2014-15 Celtic

2015-16 Celtic

2016-17 Celtic


* Denotes no title awarded due to tax evasion and fraudulent submissions


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