The Celtic Decade

2010 – 2019 was the Celtic decade.  It started in an inauspicious manner with us limping along through the season with a failing manager and, 3 months in, a 4-0 thumping by St Mirren meant enough was enough and a change was made.  Neil Lennon took over the reigns on a temporary basis, won 8 league games in a row and was given the job full time.  The decade ended with a manager leaving, Neil Lennon being given the job on a temporary basis, seeing us through to the 8th title in a row and getting the job full time.


In between all of this we has some amazing times, our rivals died, we won 8 titles in a row, we had an invincible season and we have won the last 10 domestic trophies – quite a decade.


With the last ten years being such an amazing time in our history, we decided that we would have a podcast looking back and we’d try to pick out 10 key games/moments/events that really defined the times or were a unique event that set in motion the events to follow but we need your help…


I am joined on the podcast by to experienced Tims who, to paraphrase the song, know their history (Robert and Alan).  Between the 3 of us we come up with roughly 20 defining Celtic moments but we need to compile a list of THE top ten.  The podcast will be out later and has events from losing 4 – 0 to St Mirren, Feb 2011 and the birth of The Broony, the Valentines Day death of our former rivals (a real JFK moment for Celtic fans – where were you when you heard they’d died), Beating Barca on our 125th birthday, Rodgers arriving, Rodgers leaving, The 5-1 game at Ibrox, The Treble, The Hydro, The Treble Treble – it’s all there and more.


You may love all our proposals but you may have your own ideas.  Whatever, we need your votes so please email or tweet me @harrybradycu ; Eddie @Celticrumours ; or post on Facebook


The podcast will be up soon.