THE Celtic Podcast

With success in mind

Saturday’s result and performance could have been better…!


Rather than have a knee jerk rant, I thought it would be more appropriate to have some positive thinking on the podcast and who better than the guru of Scottish positive thinking, Mr Jack Black.


I first came across Jack around 1997 when my then boss handed me some audio tapes and said – I think this will be right up your street.  The days before Apple Car Play or even in car CDs, these tapes were of Jack’s Mindstore lectures and they were a huge eye opener.  At the time he was working with Rangers and it came as a revelation to me that he is actually a Celtic fan.  Even more of a revelation was that he was a fan of our podcast and so when I discovered this I knew I had to get him on.

Work, work and more work have got in the way of late and so it’s simply a coincidence that he is on straight after THAT Rangers performance.

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He’s also on twitter @jack_mindstore



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