No Transparency

One of the most famous set of questions that came out of the Richard Nixon Watergate scandal was: What did the President know, and when did he know it. This is now a question that has to be asked of Stewart Regan in every single public appearance he makes until the day he goes scurrying back off into Yorkshire.


The SPFL have written to the SFA on behalf of all 42-member clubs requesting a public inquiry into all the circumstances surrounding the financial scandal of the Rangers Football Club (in liquidation). The granting of a UFEA licence, Years OF fielding falsely registered players, the intent to withhold important player registration documents from the footballing authorities, the attempts to frustrate an inquiry by a law chief justice, the involvement of senior individuals, who are still in roles of authority within our game, and just simply how one of our biggest footballing institutions ended up going to the wall with debts amounting nearly £100 million, needs to be investigated.


There are questions over the governance of our game and whether the individuals and structures which manage it are fit for purpose, which urgently need answered for all to be able to “move on.”  Forty two member clubs of the Scottish Football Association have asked the governing body for a full inquiry.  That governing body have said more than that they will not find in support of public inquiry, they have actually said they will not even cooperate with a public inquiry.

The governing body of our game have stuck two fingers up at its member clubs and the paying customers.  It has stuck two fingers up at people that pay their wages.

How fucking ignorant.


So Stewart Regan, go home. You leave Glasgow every Friday lunchtime to head off to your home in Yorkshire. This Friday, don’t come back… and take your cabal of former Rangers fraudsters with you.