Our first category is Bloggers. These accounts often post links to their own blog and invariably their stuff is well worth a read:

CelticParanoia – links and comments from Tony Hamilton (not that one), the man who views the Scottish Media with disdain.
CQN – links and comments from Paul Brennan.
fritzagrandold – occasional links to his blog but more often just brilliant comments about Celtic.
MattMcGlone9 – yeah, that one.
Paullarkin74 – contributor to Lostbhoys with plenty to say for himself.
PaulMcc12 – lawyer with a keen eye for the goings on at Ibrox.
Pmacgiollabhain – NUJ member who has broken a number of interesting tales over the past year.
rangerstaxcase – the must read blog dedicated to the ongoing death by 1000 cuts currently being endured by Rangers.
the_eriugena – another one who blogs occasionally but it’s the quality of his comments that mark him as one to follow.
tic_tac_tic – outstanding tactical analysis of Celtic.
videocelts – daily news about the club with a particular strong focus on Celtic’s stars of the future. Often better at providing news of the youth squad than the official site.

Next category is Images. The following accounts post links to some terrific Celtic related pictures:

Arsene_Parcelie – with only 140 characters to work with Arsene uses pictures to paint 1000 words.
cartujakds – so does Cartuja.
Paddimir – despite not being an official match day photographer Paddimir somehow always manages to capture a perfect image from the game.
vagelisgeo – the official Celtic facebook photographer could have been placed in a different category but with some cracking comments he deserves his place amongst the common people.

Self praise is no honour so this next category will be posted with no comment. if we’ve missed someone off this list it’s because we don’t have their twitter account. CU contributors:


There are those of us who don’t want to have anything at all to do with Rangers but let’s be honest – it’s useful to keep up to date with the goings on down Ibrox way. Therefore the next category is Darkside:

rangers_buzz – this account posts news and updates on Rangers transfers, injuries and match performances. And don’t try and tell us that doesn’t interest you because we don’t believe you. It’s made for cracking reading recently.
rfc_dickson – remember in Star Trek when the Enterprise ended up in the parallel universe where all the characters had an evil doppleganger? This guy is the evil universe version of Celtic’s Tony Hamilton. Kids on he’s not the head of Rangers football administration but is really.

Keeping with the bad guy theme we now move onto Hacks – those accounts from the 4th estate who are worth a follow:

Ciaran_O – Irish sports writer for the Sunday Mirror and host of the Paddycast. A very good account for keeping up to date with Irish Celtic players.
charleslavery – a freelance Celtic supporting hack with some cracking one liners.
JamesPorteous – the Chelsea supporting former Herald man now based in Hong Kong.
KevinMcCarra – one of two Celtic supporters on the Guardian sports desk.
lawrencedonegan – the other Celtic supporter on the Guardian sports desk.  Posts too much about North American sports and golf but he used to be in the Commotions so we’ll let him off.
mrjsutherland – one of the few BBC Scotland sports journalists worth following. Reasonable, intelligent and willing to engage with punters.
RichardGordon48 – the one from the BBC. Not as ginger as he used to be.
schofieldkevin – political reporter who spends too much of his time talking about Celtic.
STV_Andy – there’s been a backlash against STV following the recent link up with Rangers but this guy, and the next one, produce the best Scottish Sports reporting online.
STVGrant – a Scottish sports journalist who is fair, balanced, reasonable, willing to listen to alternative viewpoints and seems to genuinely enjoy the game? It’ll never catch on.

If you’re just not willing to sully your account by following any journalist there’s a few places you can go to get all the Celtic information you need. This next category is Celtic News:

Celtic – if you subscribe to only one account this is the one to sign up for. Never mind Newsnow, this account tweets links to almost every Celtic article online.
OptaCeltic – Like Optajoe but stats about Celtic. What’s not to love about that?

While there isn’t yet an official Celtic account on Twitter this Category has the next best thing. Official Sources:

LauraBrannan – part of the club Multi media team and very good at responding to fans and confirming player accounts as fake.
PaulTheHunted – editor of the Celtic View who spends most of his time promoting his very good book but also manages to talk Celtic on occasion.
polishturnstile – Tony Hamilton (aye that one), team lines before the hacks, ticket information, official statements from the club, surprisingly engaging banter. A must follow.

There are many accounts connected to the various Celtic fan websites. These are the best ones:

BTWCelticShow – the account of the weekly post match Celtic phone in show.
CelticBelfast – news and information from the Belfast Celtic Society.
celticgraves – updates on Celtic History and latest events organised by the Celtic Graves guys.
CelticSlowNews – match reports from games that time forgot.
fackillthebill – news, links and opinion from the fan group dedicated to removing the Offensive behaviour bill.
huddleboard – links and random abuse.
iCeltic – the account for the iceltic app and website.
kanofoundation – news and information relating to the charity dedicated to bringing underprivileged kids to the game.
kerrydalestreet – news and rumours from KDS.
leftybhoy – news and links from the Affiliation of Celtic Supporters.
oaocelticnews – news, rumours and Friday night tunes.
orourke3 – news, links and bad jokes from the Celtic Supporters Association.
thaitims – links to the latest songs being performed by the kids.
TheCelticTrust – links and arguments with some CU contributors.
thecelticwiki – a daily history lesson in Celtic.
thelostbhoys – bunch of wallopers doing a podcast.

The penultimate category is dedicated to accounts that we can’t fit in anywhere else but we quite enjoy following. Randoms:

AgentGerry – agent to Paddy McCourt, Anthony Stokes and others who spends most of his time promoting his restaurant in Belfast.
celticresearch – do not cross these guys. They will hunt you down.
cilliansheridan – former Celtic player with a better line of patter than his TV performances would suggest.
LawTop20 – agent to Samaras who keeps suggesting that we don’t need to buy another striker.
Marccrosas – the bishop of twitter. He does all the confirmations.
PiousBionicus – used to be the drummer in Mogwai. Now middleclass suburbanite.
plasmatron – electric guitar player in Mogwai. Often jaked.
robertflorence – Burnistoun and video games. One of the highlights of twitter is watching him during Celtic and Rangers games wrestle with whether or not to show his delight when Celtic win.
RubyMayRidgeway – Joe Ledley’s boss.
StewartRegan – our man at the SFA. Are we allowed to say that?
thethumbcast – not much Celtic stuff but cracking links to all manner of pop culture nonsense. And a podcast as well.

And finally, Twitter without the fans is nothing. Our last category is dedicated to those celtic fans that make twitter worth following. Be it rumours, links or match day comments about Big Dan being better than he used to be these accounts are among the best online. The Fans:

aglasgowboy – obsessed with the gym, going out to various drinking establishments in Glasgow and the contents of his study.
andysays78 – one half of rebelrebel. Home to t-shirts and quality comments.
auroraceltic – President of the Aurora Celtic Supporters Club in Canada. He’ll talk to anyone.
bigsamthetim – Celtic fan from Merseyside. Football, politics and sticking the boot into Rangers.
bobbylennox – links, comment and an all too rational dislike of Pat Nevin.
bournesouprecipe – often spotted on CQN and worth following for his excellent name alone.
broganrogantrev – another CQNer who has an unhealthy fascination with pandas.
celtic_mad – occasional tweeter who is always worth reading. Excellent one liners that often get to the heart of the matter.
celticmindedcom – could have put this in the fan site section but is really more Mince’s personal account. Used to chat to fellow fans and promote the benefits of celticminded.
celticservant – if you like snide, sarcastic comments about Rangers then this is a must follow account.
chibchenko – originator of the #teamsamaras hashtag. Legend.
dubcentral – the other half of RebelRebel. Knows his music.
fikennedycsc – some Celtic fan twitter accounts can get a bit bland because it’s purely about Celtic. This one will talk about anything and everything.
itsatimthing – celtic, music, and seemingly knows everyone on twitter.
leebowers999 – the Mycroft to Celticresearch’s Sherlock.
Mikebhoy – grumpiest man on twitter.
Mr_Neurosceptic – celtic fan from Northern Scotland and the originator of the Dimbledance.
muireannf – fanatical celtic fan and fanatical tweeter from Dublin.
PackieBonnerCSC – another Scouse tim. Another Football, politics and sticking the boot into Rangers account. It must be something they put into the water down there.
pault1888 – celtic and excellent music tweets.
Paulthebigman – off the wall opinions from the Port. Should blog more often.
Paultwhitters – betting and Celtic and a little bit of social media stuff.
RichardMcKay – a celtic supporting social media obsessive who provides links to some excellent stuff. And stuff about flooring.
RodneyFarmer – tweets about travelling to and from away games and about gigs he, by rights, should be waiting outside to collect his child from.
thismortalcoyle – tweets about celtic and bizarre bus journeys home at night.
williekeane – celtic fan in Manchester. Has own guitar. World Champion lighter thrower.

So there you have it. If you intend to sign up for twitter you could do a lot worse than follow the individuals named above. Your time line will soon be filled with all sorts of Celtic information, rumours and opinion. Alternatively you could just leave it and stick with myspace.

The anally retentive amongst you will have realised that this list only contains 99 names. Who do you think should be Twitter Tim number 100? Post your recommendation in the comments section below.