Picture this…Final whistle in Kilmarnock, the hun hordes explode into jubilation, but for a vast majority of them, it’s not the thought that they have won the league, it’s the thought that they’ve got one over Timmy and the head of Timdom, Neil Lennon.  Cut to them turning on the TV later on tonight to see Lenny’s speech.  Cut to them vomiting into their manky, turd-streaked lavatories like Woody Harrelson in ‘King Pin’.

To all the media whores and the hate merchants that populate the media, both print and online.  I know you read the online blogs, so this statement is for you.  You can talk up “The Bigot’s Bigot” Walter Smith all you like, but Neil Lennon is a man of true dignity.  Enduring the concentrated hatred of Presbyterian Scotland, the hatred of extremist Rangers fans, death threats for almost a decade, letter bombs, bullets, sectarian bile, a vicious and obscene media onslaught and character defamation, this man has endured it all and risen above it in a way Walter never could.

You didn’t beat him.  You didn’t beat us.

Gloat away in your “exclusives” about Kyle Lafferty ‘learning guitar’ or how Manchester United want Jelavic for “15 million Euros”.  We see through your lies.  You may be able to weave your web of deceit over the majority of sleepy, ignorant Scots, but you don’t fool us.  Shame on you.  If there is any Karma in the world, you’ll get your comeuppance.

To the SFA, the Scottish establishment, mail bombers etc you don’t know what you’ve done.

Instead of dividing us and having us scatter in fear, you’ve united a force unlike any other in the world. The Worldwide Celtic family. My family.

If you think the Spartans in 300 were a force to be reckoned with, think again.

Can there be a better thing to be in the world than a Celtic supporter?

I am Celtic, you are Celtic, we are Celtic.  One Club, more than a Club.

I have never been prouder of my Celtic family.

I love you’se all.

Hail hail.