Even though the onus is on Celtic to attack, I feel that if we play the same midfield as we did at Ibrox we can take the game by the scruff of the neck and go on to dominate Rangers.  As midfield is where the game will be won and lost it is vitally important that we take control of it and I feel that our and combination of creative players and ball-winners can do the job.  I fear that if we go 4-4-2 that we may go gung-ho and leave ourselves short at the back and exposed to counter-attacks, which has happened in the past against the merchants of anti-football.  So here is the team I would play on Sunday in a 4-4-1-1 formation



Wilson Majstorovic Mulgrew Izaguirre

Brown Kayal Ledley Ki



The defence picks itself, and I feel that Lennon will stick with Mulgrew and Dan, even though Rogne is back.  I would add Ki to midfield as I feel that he showed in the last visit to Ibrox and before he left to go to the Asian Cup that he has the ability to keep a hold of the ball and pick a pass out, both of which are needed in the more ‘frantic’ elements of  a game against Rangers.

Stokes can feel unlucky not to be picked as he has been in great form recently, but I feel that the trick movement of Commons drifitng in from the wing or from behind Hooper can cause damage to the Rangers defence.  We could always bring Stokes of the bench, but it seems more likely that Samaras would be the man for that role, as he has shown in the last two games that Rangers can’t handle him.

It may be seem as some as defeatist not to go for the kill against Rangers, but I feel that this team has the ability to keep the ball and pass Rangers to death – which will create the chances for Hooper, Commons or someone breaking from midfield.

The chance is there if you want it Celtic – don’t let us down.