CU Top Ten 2016/17

Since the formation of the site the Celtic Underground awards panel have been reviewing, analysing and discussing the merits of the entire Celtic squad. Some seasons we’ve had an obvious stand out, whilst in others just picking a winner has been challenging, never mind an entire top ten. And when it all comes down to the vote the winner usually is Samaras!


Accepting that gorgeous Georgios cannot win this time around we have decided to open up the voting to all. Yes, hold back the excitement and don’t wet your pants too much, this season YOU can vote on the Top Ten performers in our squad.


All we need you to do is cast your mind back – starting at the Lincoln Red Imps game all the way through to the final seconds of the game against Aberdeen and recall those moments that took our squad through to immortality. And as you step back through the glorious chapters of this season’s story of invincibility, start to recall the defining moments and who created them. Together we can build a record for generations to come of who the stars of this season really were.


And this year we have one more very special award – the Samaras Moment – That one unforgettable moment in the season, that point when time stood still and everything seemed perfect – it may have been the Tierney goal against Man City, the Lustig 5th at Ibrox or just Brendan arriving through the doors. The choice is yours.


If you want to cast you votes simply compile your list from 1 -10 with the ultimate star of the squad at No1 and then also identify the Samaras Moment. Email your list to


Get your submissions in by 5pm on Friday 9th June and if your selection matches the group vote then you win the right to be very smug with your mates.


The world awaits…