McCann Dempsey“The Game Is Over, The Rebels Have Won”


These words are burned into my soul, won of the most defining moments for our club in my lifetime.  Our club was meandering towards oblivion, caught in the headlights of the Ibrox juggernaut.  Following the Ibrox disaster, Rangers had created the most modern stadium in Scotland.  Complete with commercial revenue streams available to no-one else they had then taken advantage of the freezing out from European football of English clubs to hoover up the best of British talent.  Our club had neither the facilities nor the people to compete.  We were heading towards administration.


Thanks to the work of the guys at Celts for Change and the entire support, the Celtic business community was galvanised to act.  The future of Celtic was their only concern.  The bills were paid and Celtic stayed in business.


There then followed the most amazing transformation of our club.  Rangers couldn’t compete and turned to cheating to stay on our coat tails, eventually going bust under the burden of competing with Celtic.


This podcast focusses on that time with archive from Matt McGlone, Brian Dempsey, two tales from the Celtic Wiki and a brief audio history of some of our heroes.