16-20 points – You are the Paddy McCourt of the site, bright, clever, full of talent and vision and have built up considerable Celtic knowledge through the years.

11-15 points – Good effort just like Effrain Juarez puts into his game each week. A noble effort, better than average and you can be well pleased with this performance.

6- 10 points – You had a Glenn Loovens, clearly could do better. Your judgement is clouded and you will have to focus on doing better and the positioning of your answers was suspect and you perhaps lack determination.

0-5 points – Oh dear, you’ve had a Samaras. Your mind has been wandering about all over the place apart and you’re not where you should be, which is in the middle doing the business and I presume those fine long locks have got in your eyes and affected your answers.. Your jacket is on a shaky nail and you will probably be away in the next transfer window.