I have two simple reasons why I will not be happy until RFC is punished (Old or new but actually the new should NOT really be punished).  The first is down to the pretense that SEVCO and RFC are one and the same.  They are not and cannot ever be considered to be.  Considering them the same would, in some ways be the best short term thing for the vast majority of Scottish football.  With the level of indebtedness why don’t we just get all clubs to “transfer their history” into a new corporate vehicle and carry on?  Overnight the debts are gone and we all have a nice new clean sheet for everyone to start from?

Of course that is absolute bonkers!

Scottish football would have no credibility.  No debt providers would go near any club.  No major transfers (which are done by instalment) would be done.  We would be pariahs of European football.  Moreover such behavior is morally wrong and that is the rub with SEVCO.  This pretense is a slap in the face for every person or company to whom they owed money.  Indeed perhaps more galling is the offer to repay “football debts.”  So football can behave in a morally bankrupt fashion where debts can be created but not repaid – as long as you look after your friends in the special club, your membership can be preserved.  This is bad enough but the decision of the media to collude with this repulsive philosophy is repugnant.  Graham Spiers et al who continually berate the “fundamentalists” within the Celtic support who insist that Sevco must have an appropriate alternative name and are a separate new entity are promoting a disgusting concept.

Avoiding debt repayment has real consequences in the real world.  Anyone who has been affected by non-payment knows the issues.  Non-payment of debts leads to job losses and company closures.  This concept that Sevco can continue as RFC and these debts are written off is disgraceful and intelligent people should know better.

My second reason for the rant has been articulated in many a tweet and podcast and is quite simple.  Football is about the joy of the moment and the bragging rights of history.  RFC stole those from all supporters.

As we know what happened to the club that was RFC are the consequences of the mismanagement and financial doping.  To date their PUNISHMENT stands at 10 points deducted.

If the information provided by RTC and Mark Daily is correct (and the weasel words of Billy Dodds in trying to cover over his lying of last season on BBC actually corroborates this) RFC stole money from the taxman and the joy of the moment from you, me and millions others.  If the allegations are true, their executives also allowed the corruption of the Scottish game and for that they should never be forgiven.  Not now, not ever!