And The winner Is…?

As you know, voting has been on-going for the world famous Celtic Underground Top Ten and the newly created, but soon to be as highly coveted, Samaras Award. The deadline for votes was Friday 9th June and like the election counters in Kensington we have been overwhelmed by the response. We have literally received hunners of votes for the Top Ten and we use the STV method of counting to ensure the views of the CU public are properly recorded.


The emails have been taken and checked and we would like to than every single person who took the time to consider the entire past 12 months to come up with the most comprehensive list of who were the ten best stars of the InVIncibles. Whilst the votes have not been tallied up we can give you a sneak peak into how it is going.


In this season of InVincibles we can tell that the support loved a core group of 15 players who are contesting the top 10. Within that core group of 10 we have 5 different people who have been nominated as number 1, but within those 5 there are two candidates who have surged clear of the field and it is so tight at the top that recounts and reviews of our spreadsheet may be required. The two outstanding candidates currently neck and neck are Broony and Scotty Sinclair.




Who has won? All will be revealed soon…