When heroes are rising off-field, making sacrifices on our behalf, making bold and brave choices to speak up and set the truth free, the team stagger and stumble like a punch drunk boxer.  The others, them across the water, are an impoverished, diseased foe.  They walk on weary legs, yet onwards they walk, as much our fault for allowing them to, as their cheating, conniving ways.  They have survived on the back of lies, of deceit, of “Honest Mistakes” from referees whos integrity is supposedly beyond reproach.  Yet now we let the bird of truth fly from it’s cage of lies and we can still do nothing about it in the place it counts the most.  On the pitch.

600,000 pounds spent on a defence.

That sums it all up.

In the past two games we’ve thrown away the lead to salvage a draw (when truthfully speaking we could, and maybe should, have lost on both occasions).

What is wrong at Celtic?  We have former players of the calibre of Neil Lennon and Johan Mjallby sitting there in the dug-out.  Johan was an awesome player in the original sense of the word –  Awesome: inspiring awe, admiration and wonder – yet this Celtic defence can’t see out a two goal lead.  To quote my younger family members – WTF?

It’s only November and I understand that each and every team always has it’s rough patches, but an alarming pattern is starting to emerge here.  We lack the ability to see out games.  The crowd get on the players backs and they begin to panic, before long the enemy smell blood and then comes the frenzy.

Celtic must sign leaders for every position on the pitch.  Why is Charlie Mulgrew playing for Celtic?  Why is Cha-du-Ri playing right wing?  With the exception of the young lad James Forrest, we haven’t looked like having any right wingers in the team this season.  Where did Ledley go today?  Doing his best Invisible Man impression again?  That guy should be showcasing his talents in Las Vegas, he’s such an adept at disappearing.

The worst thing about the draw today is the overwhelming feeling of “aaaaargh!”  Frustration at the inability to win a match that should already be won.  Fair play to ICT though – a year away form home ubbeaten.  The record speaks for itself, any team would be pround of that.

However the fact remains that now is the time for Celtic to strike at the heart of it’s most cunning enemies both on and off the pitch.  A battle half won is a battle lost.  We cannot afford to lose the league again this year.

Mark my words.  We must improve.  We must spend in January in order to vanquish our foes.

We cannot make any further mistakes.