The Rugby League Podcast!

Welcome to the Celtic Underground Rugby League podcast.  Listeners will be wondering why a Celtic fans podcast is talking about rubgy league – because we want to.

Although born in Scotland, all my relatives are from Cumbria and specifically, for those who know the area they are from an area steeped in rubgy league history – Whitehaven, Cleator Moor and into Workington.

When I grew up my mum’s dad was in to horse racing and Rugby League, Working Town Rugby League to be precise.  He obviously entertained football chat with his Celtic daft grandkids, but for this man from the mines, League was the sport for him.  It ingrained in me the concept that league was proper rugby and as I grew older and saw Union as the Toffs sport but arrogantly referred to as Rugby I retained that soft spot.

I’m not an avid watcher but I’ll look in when it’s on and will watch the Grand Final every year.  I have always felt League and the towns where it is based have a close affinity of the central belt of Scotland where football is so strong and so I thought I’d do a podcast with an expert, providing a bit more detail on what the sport is, why it is different (and better) than Union and what better time than now in lockdown with limited sport but the Australian NRL starting up this weekend.



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