Yet still some in the press have been placing fingertips to keyboards and pen to paper (do people still use biros?).  The past few weeks have seen Rangers PR department – i.e. the Daily Record (the only press outlet in Christendom not being either sued or banned by Meister Whyte) publish horror stories (hey, it was Halloween, right?) about the imminent and utter demise of Rangers in an attempt to soften the blow when the lesser points deduction comes in and administration, rather than insolvency, becomes the reality for Rangers.

25 point deduction, they cried!


Neil Lennon!

It must truly be a scary time to be a bear.

However one aspect of Scottish Football has puzzlingly remained silent about this whole affair.  The SFA.

Why no statement from the governing body about the possibility of two of (arguably) its three biggest clubs finding themselves in a position that may lead them into oblivion?  Why no statement from Stewart Regan?  Why no statement from the SPL?  Are they feigning ignorance?  Maybe they don’t read the newspapers…or watch BBC…or listen to the radio..?  Would a statement from them be an admission of guilt that they already knew of both clubs financial sins (as has already been explored by another writer on this site)?  Or is it something more sinister?

Is the SPL and SFA’s silence an indication that they may have already struck a deal with both clubs that in the worst case scenario – both clubs sliding into insolvency – that they will be given some sort of lifeline, or perhaps be allowed to parachute straight back into the SPL without a hitch?

The reason that I ask is a simple one.  The demise of both clubs would be a massive event in Scottish Football, seismic no less.  The self-destruction of two of the three biggest clubs in the country would have a massive effect on the rest of its member clubs.  Surely being pro-active about an upcoming disaster of epic proportions is a better alternative than being reactive, acting only once the event has actually occurred?  The best thing for Scottish Football would be for a plan to be in place so that two other teams could take the place of the fallen “giants”.  If they do go under and are unable to finish the season, would all unfulfilled results would be granted as wins to the opposition, any losses opposition had to either Rangers or Hearts would be deemed null and void and the points awarded to the losing teams?

Surely our governing bodies in the national game must be making contingency plans for such an event?  Surely they must have some concerns about it?  Surely they must have some feelings about being deceived by such cunning individuals as Craig “Danny Ocean” Whyte and “Mad” Vlad Romanov, that is, if they didn’t already have prior knowledge that both clubs were ineligible for a license to play in European competition?

Over to you Mr Regan.  We’re waiting for answers.