The Game Episode 6 – Udinese draw and F’ UEFA

The current situation at Celtic could be better and so our guest wanted to pick a game from happier times.  It’s the winter of 2011 and the team has had a dramatic turnaround since being 3 nil down at Rugby Park and Neil Lennon looked like being on the way out.  They pulled things back in the 2nd half of that game and started to really motor.  At the same time RFC where spiralling to their death and we were all having a right laugh on this podcast.

Our guest, Matthew Mochan was listening in and enjoying every moment and he wanted to recall a game that took him back to those fun times.

Celtic went into this game still with a chance of qualifying past the Europa League Group stages.

It wasn’t to be but we did have a very good performance in this 1-1 draw and we also had a UEFA fine because some fans unveiled a banner that said “F**k UEFA”.



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