In 2012 our greatest rivals, Rangers Football Club entered administration, they never exited it. They limped along, finished the season and died. The story of that death is a decades long story of cheating in the vain attempt to compete with Celtic. This is a podcast about that cheating.

As most of you will know, the blame for the death of Rangers was laid at the door of Craig Whyte by the fans of the that club and the media.  Such was the reach of the established order that when poor business practices led to the clubs death, fans git the courts to chase after Whyte.  His case was damning on that decision with no need for a defence case.  He won just from the evidence of the prosecution, but we don’t really care about that. Pertinent to Celtic was the confirmation during the trial that people within Rangers pursued an active policy to defraud all of our game.

So desperate were those in charge to keep their club going with largess rather than living within their means that they cheated and defrauded to obtain a European license. They nearly got away with it too.

This podcast sets out where we are now that the fraud has been confirmed and is about what could happen next.


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