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Why are we setting up on Substack?

There’s two types of subscription over on substack and both will get fresh new content emailed directly to their inbox or available on the Substack app – it’s just that one will be premium and paid for and one is free. We hope that, after 18 years of free listening, you might think £3.50 a month is worth it…and even better when you consider that it’s not being back dated! (also – that’s the minimum substance subscription fee.)

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How to player trade

If we have £5m to spend on the midfield, and the manager plays 3 in the middle and we already have 4 “1st team ready” midfielders, then spend all £5m on one player.  If you spend that £5m on 3 players when there’s one spot, none get the requisite game time, none will develop, and you have just wasted £5m. 

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