Loss of their ‘Proud Traditions?’


What do they mean by proud traditions? What traditions do they have that’s different from any other clubs? We know what people refer to when they mention the ‘proud traditions’ their sectarian signing policy that lasted decades and only ended in 1989 amidst more protesters than turned up the day they went into administration.

The loss of a ‘Famous Scottish Institution?’

An institution that stands for so many negative things, what is there to be lost? Jobs will be lost, but no more than a small/medium business, cant see anything else that could be considered a negative. In the past week I’ve met an American who on finding out I’m Scottish said with a smile ‘I see rangers are in a lot of bother’ He knew all about this ‘famous institution’ and was delighted when I filled him in on the details. Then an Australian who also with a smile told me she had heard on middle east radio they had went into administration, she was happy as she had met a rangers supporter previously and had been told all about the ‘famous institution’

Loss of the Glasgow Derby?

The only people who mention ‘Celtic supporters will miss the derby’ are the media or suspect characters who have been on rangers fan help lines/phone ins the past week. Theres many people who don’t like these games never mind the media nonsense ‘Celtic supporters live for these games’ cant speak for everybody but I think you will find its their love for Celtic that Celtic supporters go to games for.

Loss of co-efficient points?

How many more co-efficient points did rangers earn over Hearts and Dundee Utd this season in their games against European Giants Malmo and Maribor?

The impending loss of rangers football club from Scottish football and an infamous institution can only be seen as a positive forward more for the country and Scottish people, its 2012 there is no place for rangers and their ‘proud traditions’ in modern society.

This is the chance for any ‘decent’ rangers supporters to get out, the great excuse they must have been waiting years for. No more embarrassment at people thinking you support a club with ancient views. No more embarrassment at supporting a club who have avoided paying taxes while the country is desperate for public funds. No more watching turgid defensive football. No more mixing with Neanderthals at games.

A chance to move on and do something positive, the death of rangers is a great thing for the whole of Scottish football and Scottish society, including rangers supporters.

They wont be missed, not one bit.

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