Two and a half years ago renowned Aussie paceman Glen McGrath’s wife died of breast cancer.  The third day of the Sydney test match is now annually used to raise funds for the Jane McGrath foundation.  Aussie sponsors Vodafone have changed their corporate colours from red to pink and they will pay $3,000 for every wicket falling or six scored on the third day.  Also on the third day most of the crowd are wearing pink, the press are wearing pink (from ties to suits and shirts).  Even the stumps are mainly pink.


Celtic have a grand ambition for matching the UN target for charitable contributions.  A bit more elbow grease and we might get over the finish line.  Embrace the idea fully like the Australians, it might raise a little more and also bridge the gap forming between the board and directors.


Whilst I’m not suggesting we wear pink (but why not), what about doing something different to the strip for that day.  It could be the keeper’s jersey or even having a free charity logo for the day.  Auction a signed charity day strip off, have the players contribute that day’s pay, create special charity day scarves etc etc


There are many things we could do, bucket rattling is perhaps the least of these.