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By ClancyC06

Wednesday night,2nd October,things were quiet in the Clancy household.My wife was nodding off so had a thought,we never saw the Chateau that Charles Green bought!Using my bampotting ability,I decided to google “Charles Green Chateau”;low & behold on p2 it popped up!


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This article was published last May 25th.With that I immediately put it up on twitter as an exclusive!Pardon the language!


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I also decided to post it on Kerrydale Street The Next Sevco Discussion thread


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The article was in French and trying to get Google Translate to work on an iphone to do a whole page worth wasn’t the easiest.Some decided to retweet my original tweet with was fine and some decided to not retweet but use it as their own!No problem with that as such until this article retweeted by Graham Spiers of all people!

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Very strange that over 4 months later that it was never published but within hours of me finding it it was?With the likes of Keevins and his dislike of “Keyboard Warriors”like we are all the darkened rooms with nothing better to do than drag up old stuff whataboutery style is laughable!The likes of SSB’s Gerry Mc Culloch has decided to add his tuppence worth!

That last line of the article,remember Craig WHITE anyone?I do and posted this on RTC at the time!

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The same Mr White!!!I decided to challenge Shug about it on SSB and laughted it off…..what hope do we have?

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