It happened!  We lost!  3 Players slipped on their arse, the goal keeper had a headrush and pulled down a Hearts player and we thumped it long all second half.  Apart from that we also played poorly…! Yet despite ALL of this we remain top of the league and remain on course for another title and part of the way there to a remarkable back to back treble.  We broke a 100 year record and went 69 games unbeaten.  And of this has happened when you and I are alive.  You’ll tell your grandkids about these days!  Anyway, enough of the rambling…

After the game against Hearts and the end of the record breaking run I thought I should quickly pull together a podcast and discuss the game, the fall-out, the magnificant run and our hopes for the furture.  It’s all here along with the music.

We have Adam Glen with his debut single These Towns and Elvis with Martina McBride singing Blue Christmas from the ‘68 comeback concert.


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