The actions of Rangers’ management team were also a disgrace – with Ally McCoist’s attempt to slur and fight Neil Lennon at the end of the game summing up what has become of a team who cannot cope with losing on a regular basis to their biggest rivals.


The paranoia aspect comes with Martin Bain’s ludicrous statement today:

Complaining about perceived incidents in the last game at Ibrox, a complaint about referees and of course the ‘thinly veiled’ criticism of Neil Lennon.

Contrast with the statements released by Neil Lennon and Peter Lawwell  today:

No blame put to anybody, just dealing with the issues which affected our club.

Of course, Bain’s statement will no doubt be praised to the heavens by the press tomorrow as evidence of Rangers fighting back against those big bullies at Celtic, whilst if any Celtic had ever made a statement we would be pilloried as being paranoid.  Well now the shoe is on the other foot, as Rangers’ ludicrous statements show that are a club running scared of Celtic, they do not seem to be able to recognise that they have serious problems both on and off the field and as long as Celtic keep winning, Rangers will continue to be a club driven by both hate and paranoia.