Forrest also possesses the confidence to want the ball and take on defenders in and around the box. Add to this his movement off the ball, for which Saturday’s first goal showed the perfect example, and we start to see a player who can slot into the kind of formation Lennon is keen to deploy in games. Forrest is also disciplined enough to keep his part of the shape of the midfield four when Celtic are defending.


When Neil Lennon took over as manager he immediately picked out Forrest from his previous role as being in charge of the ‘Deelopment squad’. Clearly Forrest had made an impression on Lennon.

Having signed a 4 year contract in 2010 it is hoped this will provide Forrest with the security he needs to develop his game further. With players around him who can feed off his strengths and provide movement as an attacking unit we are likely to see more and more of the wee man this season.