10. Celtic FC V Arsenal A true away support

These mobile phone vids can make you feel a wee bit sick but this collection taken during the second leg of our match against Arsenal is worth a wee watch. That English guy cannot carry a tune right enough.

9. Celtic FC – Last Minute Goals (2005-2008)

Never let it be said that we don’t appreciate the Strachan years. Just close your eyes when Pressley comes on.

8. Celtic Crossbar Challenge

How good is Neil Lennon? Seriously? Not at the crossbar challenge obviously but how good must it have been to be working alongside him?

7. Celtic Thunder – Ireland’s Call

Ach come on – it’s nearly St Paddy’s day. And Big George did sing at my wedding so it’s been on in our house all week. Just don’t get the DVD. The missus has it on all the time.

6. Tommy Burns Celtic Man

Tommy Burns. Celtic Legend. Anymore questions?

5. Celtic win the League Championship in 1967 against Rangers

Does exactly what it says on the tin. 7 minutes of footage of Celtic beating the huns in ’67 to clinch the league title.

4. Estadios Del Mundo – Celtic Football Club (1888) – CE Vila Olímpica

Barca fans take in Celtic Park. It’s bizarre to think that there is a Celtic top being worn in Barcelona with “McDonald” on it. 

3. The Big Clubs – Documentary from 1974

You oldschool CUers will know this one well but just in case you have just found the site here’s a documentary about Celtic and Rangers from the seventies. Waddell’s quote is interesting.


2. The “Honest Mistake” Files

Aye it’s been a fortnight but that doesn’t mean it’s any easier to take.

1. Celtic song, ‘Over and Over’ by Thai nursery school children.

Without doubt, this is the best thing we’ve watched online this week.


With thanks to all the original uploaders.