A Year In Podcasts

A Year In Podcasts

Christmas and New Year is often a time when people get new gadgets or decide to try new things and many of you may decide to try out the world’s longest running football fans podcast. This New Year is also special because 2016 will see the 10th anniversary of that very podcast from us here at Celtic Underground and hopefully we will have our usual mix of Celtic chat discussing the current performances mixed in with some special guests.


Before we get to that 10th Anniversary I thought I’d highlight some of the best podcasts St Anthony & I brought recorded in the last 12 months for those dipping your toe in the Celtic podcast world for the first time.  Last year we had 39 podcasts and started with Podcast 231 and Christian Wulff giving us more of an insight into Ronnie in Norway.

The first journalist interview of the year came in Podcast 232 when st Anthony met up with Rodger Baillie.  The other journalists interview included;

Jim Spence

Robert Grieve

Tom English

Graham Spiers

Grant Russell

Derek Rae

Archie MacPherson

Gerry McCulloch


In the journalistic field we also had podcasts with authors;

Ally Beg

Michael Tierney

Brendan Sweeney

And a host of authors on the History Night Podcasts


From the World of Politics and Celtic we had

Michael Kelly

Steven Purcell

Tony Hamilton

Res 12 Update


Finally, interspersing the general Celtic football chat we had the players;

Charlie Gallagher

Packie Bonner

Joe Craig

Pat McGinlay

Pat Stanton

Billy Stark

Andy Ritchie

Andy Lynch


Hopefully you can find something here to appeal to your tastes but if there is any specific topic you’d like us to try and cover in 2016 email me at HarryBradyCU@Gmail.com or contact me @Harrybradycu on Twitter or search for Harry Brady on Facebook.


Finally from everyone at Celtic Underground to everyone who takes the time to listen to our podcasts or read our drivel have a great New Year.  May your worst of 2016 be the best of 2015.