Back In January I wrote the following article on this very website:


Unlike most of the twaddle I write on here, the article was hugely popular and, incredibly, had over 25,000 hits. This showed clearly that car parking in the surrounding areas of the stadium is a tremendously important issue to a great many Celtic fans. The many good reasons for not implementing the council’s new no parking policy are laid out in the article, so please read it if you haven’t already.

We are now at a crucial stage in the process. Celtic have announced that they are having urgent talks with the council in the next few days, which is a welcome move. John Mason, the notorious local MP for Shettleston, has taken to trolling disabled Celtic fans on Twitter and recommending that they take to supporting a smaller football team to avoid any hardship from potentially having to walk further on match days. You couldn’t make it up although some times it seems as if Mason actually does. This is an indication of what the supporters and the club are up against.

We are now at a crucial stage in this process. The closing date to object to Glasgow City Council parking proposals is Friday 1 June 2018. That’s just 10 days remaining to do so.  To do this you should email:

Or if you prefer to write to them then the address is:

A Waddell, Head of Land and Environmental Services, Exchange House, 231 George Street, Glasgow, G1 1RX.

Can I urge every Celtic fan to take just two minutes of their time to email or write to the addresses above. It’s hugely important that Glasgow council realise the severe impact that these proposals will have on a great many people. The hope is that a huge number of replies will make them see sense.